EPC Energy Performance Certificates - Worcester
Energy Performance Certificates Worcester
Energy Performance Certificates
Worcester and surrounding area
Just £40.00 Total
No VAT. No Extras. No Messing.
Valid for 10 years
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1. Leave it to your agent.

They may arrange this for you, and the work may be passed down to a suitably qualified Energy Assessor via middle men and panels with everyone taking a cut of your hard earned money.

2. Search the internet and you may find one for under £40.00?

But there will be VAT to pay, you may have to pay upfront and hope that this nationwide company can persuade an assessor to complete the work for a small percentage of your fee.
One site even states that you can track the EPC on-line.
Why bother? Its a simple process that I manage every day to complete in less than two hours of the inspection appointment.

3. Pay more than £40.00 for a better EPC compiled by a "better energy assessor"?

Not necessary; its an objective report with zero scope for embellishment.
I’ve completed over 1200 without a single complaint and regular audits have never raised an issue.
I know my business.

4. Just contact Charles of Worcester EPC!

A local man with local knowledge, and the report will be with you and your agent in no time, without fuss or the need to arrange appointments through third parties.

The EPC will be stored safely on file should you lose your copy or require me to forward it to a different agent.
If you are planing to sell or rent out a domestic dwelling you will need an EPC
Please contact Charles Brown. DIP HI, DEA

07775 900850 (safe bet)

01905 617857
(Messages picked up throughout the day)

(Same day response)
If you are at all concerned about the process or would like some advice on how your home can score well in the Energy Assessment then please feel free to contact me. Advice is free and totally without obligation.
01905 617857
07775 900850